Zuckerberg, a new clash with Apple: Selling at crazy prices for profit only

During an interview on a podcast by Ben Thompson, the CEO of Meta is back to talk about the €1,799 Quest Pro viewer, which is new from the show. Making devices and trying to make a profit is one thing, the other is to build them by selling them at the highest possible priceMaking money selling your products (and services) is critical to the company, says Zuckerberg, but overcharging prices by making them burden consumers is wrong. According to him: Apple will do just that.

Meta’s philosophy is another philosophy, which is to create devices that are brought to the market Even at the factory price, or even at a loss (And you think Quest Pro is offered at a fair price.) Because the real goal is not to earn a lot of hardware, but rather Fill in Metaverse. Quest Pro is close to 2000 euros, but there is also a layout for another viewer – Quest 3? – which will be offered at a much lower price, between $300 and $500.

If you want to have a social experience, you must have people [nel metaverso]Simply put, hardware products should be sold at the lowest possible price to make them Gateway to the metaverseInside – As soon as someone is there – There will be opportunities to win.

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