Youtube offers handles for users and creators. Here’s what has changed and since when?

YouTube just announced it Knobs are on their way for both users and creators In having an account and a channel, so that the link between different facts and the search for channels is much easier. We are talking about a solution very similar to the one adopted by Instagram, that even in the case of Youtube handles, they will be uniquely assigned to each profile regardless of the success of the channel and therefore, without limitation on the number of subscribers. But it must be said that the launch of the function will take place in several stages and will therefore benefit the most important channels It may take some time for everyone to have the opportunity to choose their own handle.

YouTube previously offered unique channel URLs, but the handles will make it easy to tag someone in comments and videos and will also appear in YouTube shorts.

Another added benefit of owning a knob is that it is easily recognized by the community, since unlike channel names, knobs are unique. Starting next month, Youtube will start notifying creators when they can choose a ticker for their channel.

In most cases, if a channel already has a custom URL, this will automatically become the default handle, but of course you can choose whether to change the handle for your channel once the notification arrives in YouTube Studio. When a creator has access to the handle selection process depends on a number of factors, including their overall YouTube presence, number of subscribers, and whether the channel is active or inactive.

After November 14, an automatically generated handle will be assigned to those who did not select a handle based on the channel name. It can still be changed at another time, of course. In addition to the new handles, YouTube already allows all channels to do so Choose a URL and decide to remove the requirement to have at least 100 subscribers Sets a unique URL.

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