YouTube, an exclusive 4K video for Premium subscribers?

YouTube may soon offer 4K content exclusively to subscribers of the premium service. Several users are discussing this on Reddit who find themselves a revamped interface of Google’s streaming platform where, next to the 2160p option, the word “Premium – click to upgrade” appears. Nils Ahrensmeier reported the same thing on Twitter (see below). YouTube is testing to make 4K resolution on videos YouTube Premium feature – Nils Ahrensmeier (NilsAhrDE) October 1, 2022 YouTube Premium is the subscription that offers YouTube ad-free, allowing users to download videos for offline viewing and also play them In the background while using another app or when the screen is off. In addition, it allows you to access YouTube Music under the same conditions, i.e. without ads and with the option to listen in the background and offline, so if the test becomes a reality for everyone, then non-premium subscribers will be able to watch YouTube videos in 1080p only: For higher resolutions – 4K and 8K – you will have to pay. However, it is not yet clear first of all if Google’s real intent is really this or it is just a test instead, moreover, it is not known if any Premium access to 4K will be exclusive to the YouTube mobile app or web version. We mention on the sidelines that YouTube has been the subject of controversy in recent days to test the increase in ads on the free version of the platform. Google responded that it was just an experiment, now over. Would this also be the case for 4K videos?

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