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The days go by and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip is approaching, and so is the Xiaomi 13 Which should be among the first smartphones you own to ensure the best performance for your customers. Thus, the number of mindless people trying to rebuild the artistic image is also increasing. Last week, the digital chat station was revealed, telling various details about the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro, and now Yogesh Brar is taking the floor.

who tracks a identity Fully finished top model, Xiaomi 13 Pro. The Chinese “colleague” Brar was more effective on the screen, talking about the refresh rate at 120 Hz and the curved chassis, but it is understood that at these times at least 120 Hz is clearly given on a product that will touch 1000 euros – passed in some memory configurations

However, the expectations of the two are sometimes overlapping and complementary, and a lot of “things” have appeared in the Xiaomi 13 Pro in the past seven days. Presence 1 inch sensor Seen on Xiaomi 12S Ultra and having a file Additional Chips for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon For charging and consumption management (Surge P2) and image and video processing (Surge C2), both are designed by Xiaomi.

Thus, you can expect to get excellent results from a 4800mAh battery that is certainly not huge, but if managed by a special component like the Surge P2, it can guarantee significant values ​​in terms of independence. In short, the meat does not decrease in the fire in a picture that begins to take on clear and fairly reliable features, all that remains is to stay at the door waiting for more indiscretion or, perhaps, for official cues from the company.

In the opening image, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra XL camera array.

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