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It’s been exactly 6 months since we reviewed the Xiaomi 12 Pro, a smartphone that immediately convinced us but did not enter the potential buying radars of many readers due to the price tag. Let’s go back today to talk about the product because after the release of the Xiaomi 12T Pro – here is the review – we noticed many comments that brought the 12 Pro back because its price has dropped a lot by putting it back in about 799 euros in the 12/256 GB version.

Having used it this summer in various circumstances for my own happiness, I decided to go back to the product again with a full retry as well as the previous review.

Let’s start with the differences: 12 PRO vs 12T PRO

A few days ago, we prepared an article – which you can find below – that explains the differences between the various smartphones in the Xiaomi 12 series. So I don’t want to repeat myself but it is right to highlight some of the features that make the 12 Pro better than the 12T Pro at the same price today. I will limit myself to pointing out the points in favor of the 12 Pro compared to the 12T Pro but in the comparison above I also put the 12X which is an interesting product in its own way in terms of dimensions and dimensions.

Pro which confirms that the T series is a somewhat less valuable version of the top of the Xiaomi range as happens with Samsung which makes FE models exploit part of the characteristics of the flagship products that, in many respects, remain superior and the best option.

74.6 x 163.6 x 8.16 mm
6.73 inches – 3200 x 1440 pixels

75.9 x 163.1 x 8.6 mm
6.67 inches – 2712 x 1220 pixels

69.9 x 152.7 x 8.16 mm
6.28 inches – 2400 x 1080 pixels

But the crucial point is the price: In fact, the 12 Pro and 12T Pro have the same price at the moment for the same 12/256 GB version: €799. Obviously, the reason is related to the recent announcement of the T series by a manufacturer that has not yet experienced a natural devaluation. However, it must be said that the T series fits between the 12, 12 Pro and 12X and therefore it is not clear that the price can put it back on figures very far from the current 700 euros in the short term.

Xiaomi 12T and 12 series: differences in design, specifications and prices?  many of

October 06

What was improved and what I liked

I don’t want to repeat Gabriele’s review in April, you can already find a lot of information and details which I will delete in this attempt again. But I want to tell you about my experience since I used the smartphone for about two months during the summer and partly also in September.

Xiaomi 12 Pro review: Lots of style and some compromises

April 04

I start charging at 120W But not only. While it’s a value that shouldn’t make a difference in choosing a smartphone, I arrived more than once in the evening and about 30% battery after a day at the beach. Ready to go out to dinner, time to shower and change and the smartphone was already 100%. This fast recharging makes the battery worry actually a distant memory because on the one hand The autonomy is really excellentOn the other hand, in real conditions of daily use, you will find yourself recharging your smartphone for perhaps 10 minutes a day in moments that pass without thinking “I have to charge the phone”. Starting at 100% around 8pm, I found myself at 4pm the next day with 30% plentiful. Time to go home and back again in 10 minutes 100%. In short, with the 12 Pro, I didn’t actually put the smartphone to recharge at night or think about “waiting or programming” charging times. I just went home, hit a little and walked away.

But most importantly, it’s not 100% that makes the difference, but the real 10 minutes on the clock that practically brings the smartphone back to 50%. Which radically changes the concept of “breaking point” of charging. Getting the 12 Pro battery below 50% becomes really tricky if I used to plug it into the power supply for only 10 minutes on the small moments of commuting home (note: keep in mind the usage was on vacation thus where I was always outside all day With small returns to the house to change or the like). In short, after trying 120W, you’ll want to get this feature on all smartphones and beyond.

Another side of Show it in everyday use he is very nice. Although it is not the best panel at all, that is, it does not have characteristics that make it better than those of the Galaxy S22 or the Oppo Find 5, the Xiaomi 12 Pro has a great display that, together with MIUI, makes the user experience very satisfying. The choice of menu colors, a well-organized dark mode, the same MIUI icons and bright colors, improve the Amaoled panel, and the brightness of 1500nits allows you to use the smartphone even in the middle of summer, at sea and under the sun at 1 pm ..

Software interaction is excellent and 120Hz helps make the interface and animations smooth with that feeling of smoothness and accompaniment typical of the top of the range.

Offer rated at Pictures that are improved the most. In the April review, we certainly did not criticize the photographic department, in fact, we talked about it well and I can only confirm how well Xiaomi has improved its image processing algorithm.

Despite the difference Not much during the day, the color gamut and white balance between normal and wide are improved making the two images more visually similar, but We find it at night.

Despite the 2X magnification, the system still struggles in the dark with a noticeable watercolor effect, Ordinary and wide jumped forward and manage powerful light sources such as street lamps or signs more effectively. There are no burns, distortions, or strange processing from HDR. Beautiful, interesting and correct photos of a smartphone with such a small optic with which you can take manual photos that require a maximum of two seconds processing (obviously, a mirrorless mount on a tripod with ISO shooting and long exposures will always be incomparable) .

A “painful” note for the yet-to-be-determined selfie camera: some photos are excellent, with good HDR, others are shot especially with bright lights and during the day. Final mention of the Tele 2X which does a good job but in any case “changes” the colors compared to the other two optics with a completely different aperture. On the other hand, insufficient digital zoom, it is better to shoot at 50 megapixels and zoom in later.

Audio and user interface are the other elements that I appreciate. Although I’m not a fan of MIUI (that’s one of the reasons I’m returning the 12 Pro this summer to spend another time in the company for a product with MIUI), I must admit that over the years the improvements have been many and tangible. There are always a few things I don’t like – above all managing an app installation which brings up a control screen and thus provides more interaction at the end of the installation – but between customizations, themes, contextual panels, the coherence of animations and graphics, I’ve always loved to take my smartphone and fiddle with it.


Xiaomi 12 Pro is definitely the best smartphone in the manufacturer’s portfolio Even after introducing concrete, robust, well-built T. models, complete with everything but unannounced IP certification and Type-C video output. The price is now competitive, also in line with the recently released smartphones such as the Moto Edge 30 Ultra and the reformatted S22+, which are two of the most direct competitors at the moment.

If you love Xiaomi and you have about 750 euros available, then the 12 Pro should be taken seriously and in the aspect of updates, 3 years of updates and 4 security patches are guaranteed for T versions.


Xiaomi 12 Pro is available online from eBay at 750 EUR. To see the other 33 offers, click here.

(Updated Oct 8, 2022, 4:40 p.m.)

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