Xbox, a new user interface centered around Game Pass is under test. Expected arrival in 2023

Apparently, Microsoft has started testing one of them The new Xbox Home user interface, Which is expected to arrive in 2023. Xbox Senior Product Manager Ivy Krislov shared the news as well as the first screen, which summarizes the major upcoming changes. The business is only in its early stages, but there are those who are lucky enough to be able to get an initial look at the upcoming news, including a journalist from the edge That made some first impressions.

At first glance, it appears that the upcoming features are primarily meant to focus attention on a Microsoft Game Pass subscription, which isn’t too surprising, but there are also other new features meant to simplify the overall experience.

I got to try out an early version of the Home UI this week, and while there were some improvements needed, the main section of the Xbox dashboard is starting to look like a giant announcement for Xbox Game Pass.

This is what the xbox home page will look like in light of the new changes coming.

But the reporter from the edge He’s not the only one in luck, in fact, starting this week some Xbox Insider users in the Alpha Skip-Ahead episode will be able to experience the studio’s major changes to overall layout and design.

In addition to showing the first screen, Krislov also explained that while developers are working on the new user interface, they are exploring Options for watching game channels for unreleased groupswhich will appear by scrolling down the interface and They will include content curated according to their personal interests. Of course, these will indicate directly the titles that are most relevant to our profile and included in your Game Pass subscription.

Krislov posted the main points of this update available only to a few and in preview.

  • The new “Go Back” line gives you quick access to the latest games and apps played.
  • You can easily access important system apps like Settings, Store, Search, My Games, and My Apps using their dedicated tiles on Xbox Home.
  • Consistent design and visual identifiers with updated layouts to keep the experience familiar.
  • When you scroll down, you’ll see curated categories and recommendations tailored to your gaming preferences.

So, the update seems more Game Pass-centric from the start, but in recent months it could undergo changes and revisions as the first comments arrive from testers.

And let’s conclude by talking about the price hikes of Microsoft’s services as well, a phenomenon that includes practically every technology sector and does not seem to leave even the gaming field unscathed. Games opened in August by Playstation 5 and very soon Microsoft can also mark along with increases in both devices and services.

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