X is not available on the App Store and Google Play to manage Ear (1) and (stick)

With Ear (stick) debuting, nothing is published on Play Store and App Store Nothing X, a new name for the Ear (1) app for managing the brand’s headphones for users who don’t own a Phone (1). As we explained in our review, in fact, the smartphone of the company founded by Carl Pei has integrated all the functions for controlling the wearable, making the installation of the application redundant.

If you have a phone (1), you will find all ear (stick) features and customizations perfectly integrated into the device details. It can be easily accessed via the quick settings. For all versions of Nothing OS 1.1.4 or later.

For others, here’s Nothing X, an app that convinced us during testing for its simplicity and for its immediate and easy-to-understand graphical interface. From here it will be possible to use a filetie To adjust the sound to your taste, focusing more on the highs or lows, or manually adjust the parameters.

Not only that, because with Nothing X you will also be able to access the function Looking for earphones If lost, it will be possible to download a file New firmware issued by the manufacturer. The main screen of the application also provides an instant view of a file level the battery Each individual earphone and charging case.

Thus Nothing X becomes the official ear(1) and ear(stick) management app.

Here are the functions assigned to the ear (stick):

Here, instead, are those for ear (1):

  • Ability to switch between active noise cancellation modes
  • Customize gesture controls
  • Possibility to choose between predefined equalizer settings
  • In-ear detection
  • Find my headphones
  • Check battery levels for each earbud and case
  • Download firmware updates

These are the differences compared to the Ear (1) app:

  • Name changed from ear (1) to none X
  • Improved user interface
  • Enhanced experience
  • Optimize the pairing process and initial setup
  • Improved gesture controls
  • new equalizer

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