World Shipping Day, Shipping News by Juice Technology

Juice Technology, a company that produces products to recharge electric cars like the Juice Booster 2 that we had the opportunity to try, to mark World Cargo Day 2022She brought her latest news. For the company, it is very important that all of its devices are consistently certified to the high standards of the auto industry, not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of cybersecurity.

For this purpose, I have partnered with a delegation of standardization bodies so that industry standards can be derived from user experiences, which is most important for everyday life. The goal is for the user to no longer worry about how secure the device is and how to use it. Therefore, all juicers meet the same extreme requirements in terms of safety, tightness, durability and temperature.

On World Cargo Day 2022, the company led Lie juice charger model number 3 Which now comes with a new look that makes its relationship with Juice Booster 2, the portable charging station, even more obvious. With an IP67 and IK10 rating, it’s now as powerful as a booster station.

View also profile New juice booster 3 air. While it may look like a smaller version of the Juice Booster 2, the 11kW charging station offers no fewer than seven functional features. In particular, it can also be managed remotely through the j+ pilot app and can be updated over the air.

Juice Booster 3 air is also completely waterproof and robust (IP67, IK10). In addition to automatic detection of power across transformers, new fault detection systems have been added as a result increased safety. Thus, the device is now disconnected if there are improperly wired sockets or when the vehicle draws more electricity than expected. Without a cable it weighs 700 grams and will be positioned alongside Juice Booster 2 as the “portable alternative” to the classic wallbox. Christoph ErnieCEO and founder of Juice Technology, commented:

What our engineers have been able to do over the past few months is amazing. Booster 3 air is now not only significantly more compact, but also more feature-rich than any other mobile charging station. The “7 in 1” logo indicates the many possibilities of use and the items that are freely available. In terms of convenience of use and safety, the device is unparalleled. Thanks to great attention to communication and software, it is also easy to introduce new functions to you at a later time.

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