Winter tires, when are they changed? Obligations, rules and penalties

With the cold season approaching, it’s time for it Equip your car with winter tires. As we all know but always good to remember, theThe commitment is effective from 15 November 2022. The law gives car owners 30 days to comply. In fact, As early as October 15 Winter tires can be installed on your car.

However, in this regard, we remember that something very important is that this obligation is not “strict”. In fact, the use of snow tires is mandatory only on some roads. In addition, you can keep your summer tires for as long as It has snow chains on board.

And a few days ago there was important news on the topic of winter equipment. In fact, as Quattroruote reported, Snow socks become legal too approved according to UNI EN 16662-1: 2020 Thus, starting from November 15th, they can be used in place of snow chains. The legislation states that the winter equipment commitment expires on April 15, 2023.


As already mentioned, starting from November 15, 2022, the obligation to have winter equipment on their cars takes effect, but not on all roads. So where can you legally travel with only winter tires or snow chains on the plane?

The obligations apply to suburban roads and highways Where are the appropriate tags. In certain cases, the obligation can extend to urban areas. To get a clearer picture of the various local ordinances, especially before embarking on a trip, it may be helpful to view the appropriate section within the Tires Under Control website. Moreover, it is possible to find a complete list of highway sections on the Autostrade website where winter equipment is required.

Fines for those who search

Security is priceless and it’s certainly not just an old saying. However, anyone who thinks they are smart and continues to travel without winter tires or snow chains on board, along roads where winter equipment is mandatory, takes a risk. incur penalties range from 41 to 169 euros for travelers in urban centers; From 80 to 338 euros outside urban centers.

Moreover, the car can be parked until it is equipped with winter tires or snow chains. In case of non-compliance with the arrest, a fine of 84 euros will be imposed in addition to a reduction of 3 points on the driver’s license. But more than a fine, it must be remembered that the use of tires that are not suitable for environmental conditions It can jeopardize security For all passengers in the vehicle.

Winter tires or 4 seasons?

Winter tires are recognizable because they have a snowflake symbol inside a mountain photo with the abbreviations M+S, MS, M&S and MS side-by-side. They are all abbreviations of mud and snow. Tires with initials mud and snow only and no snowflake are All Season or 4 Season tires.

All-season tires are installed as original equipment more frequently, especially on SUV models. These tires have an advantage Can be used legally all year round Even when the winter equipment commitment is activated. But are all seasons or winter tires better?

In recent years, we have seen a gradual rise in temperatures. Winters are much less cold than in the past, and snowfall, especially on the plains, is becoming increasingly rare. Therefore, scenarios in which winter tires do their best are becoming less and less frequent. With increasingly mild winters, seasonal tires prove to be a more convenient solution.

However, winter tires are still the right choice if you live in areas where winters are still very cold and snow falls frequently. The tread pattern and specific compound make them more efficient than any season in these conditions. Therefore, if you travel a lot or exclusively in places where temperatures are very low, below the famous 7-degree threshold, and with frequent risks of snowfall, it is better to focus on winter. In all other cases, especially if you only trade a lot in the city, All Seasons can be a valid alternative because these products have improved a lot over time, and become more reliable.

Best all season or winter tires?  Michelin Cross Climate 2 SUV test

September 29

We always rely on a professional

In any case, it is always a good idea to rely on a professional who can advise you on the ideal product for your needs. Since there is always a tendency to do everything at the last minute, the advice is not to waste time and book an appointment with your trusted tire dealer ASAP.

For those who already have suitable winter tires, pay attention to this Check the wear condition. Also in this case, it will be important to discuss the matter with your trusted tire dealer.

We should remember that too Measures are included in the registration document Intended for summer tires and only those for winter M + S tyres. In the case of winter tyres, all measurements indicated on the vehicle registration document are good. However, for those explicitly referred to as M + S, it is necessary to respect the expected load/speed characteristics. Winter tires can also have a lower speed index than that indicated in the vehicle registration document, as long as this indicator is not lower than Q (up to 160 km / h).

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