WindTre, inflation requirement up to customers! But you can opt out

In the end Adjusting tariffs for inflation has also reached existing customers. WindTre is treading lightly on the subject, and after modifying the contract for new subscriptions a couple of days ago, has now decided to rework some (or all?) of the old contracts by introducing an inflation clause. And the This is not the only reconfiguration From January 13, 2023: That’s it.

Inflation requirement for customers

Revised article that, again from January 2024, is at risk of being a The scorpion For customers with more expensive tariff plans, it is No. 4 of the General Conditions of Contract. WindTre writes: The General Conditions of Contract will be amended by inserting the following Supplementary Clause to Article 4.6 “Price Adjustment” for customers who have activated an offer until November 20, 2022 (in contracts signed after the month adjustment clause when inflation was already there, so).

The clip is indicated in the WindTre Informa section of the portal, where it is stated that interested customers will receive one SMS contacts As of November 24, 2022. The fear is that “interested customers” May they all be. In January 2024, WindTre will adjust the monthly rise as a percentage equal to the inflation rate measured in October 2023, And so on for years to come.

good if prices go up it will go up 5%, given that – as WindTre decided – any lower would result in an increase of at least 5%. This means that in the event of inflation, a customer with a €50 plan would end up paying at least €2.5 more from January 2024 onwards. And the If Istat in October 2024 indicates +0.1% in consumer prices, however, the operator has the option, under contract, to apply +5% to tariffs. From January 2025. That’s why the “sting”.

Here is a summary of what you should know about the inflation-adjusting clause

  • Increases due to potential inflation from 2024 onwards
  • The Prices will only go up because of inflation, Do not decrease (Assuming, consumer prices are unlikely to fall in 2023; after all, in this scenario, those who have studied economics would talk about deflation)
  • The increase in the monthly magazines will be in a percentage rate equal to the increase in inflation And in any case by at least 5%.
  • The adjusted monthly amount can be rounded to the nearest cent (eg a €0.229 increase could actually be €0.22)
  • The price adjustment is applied during the first quarter of each year
  • For existing customers, this is a contractual variance, There is no withdrawal fee (information below)
  • WindTre maintains Bimen no a plus the prices.

The reconfiguration and increments don’t end there

Some plans are redesignable for file 2 euro monthly increase Starting with renewals after January 13, 2023. Also in this case, interested customers are notified of the contractual change via SMS: the first customers have already left (we have already been notified of the all-in-one tax). WindTre attempts to sweeten the pill Provides at the same time an increase in gigabytes offered by the respective plans range from a minimum of 30 GB to an unlimited GB at the maximum available speed.

For some customers who pay by credit card or bank account Monthly fees become expected. When fully operational, the offer will always be charged on the first day of the relevant month. For some offers, the costs applicable to traffic will vary once the traffic included in your offer has been exhausted. In the end:

  • The annual cost of the show Smart protection Will decrease to €34.90: Adjustment for renewals after January 15, 2023
  • Due to the change in economic conditions applied by foreign operators, offers that provide for discounted rates for International calls from Italy to Nigeria You will get an increase in the cost from 5 to 10 euro cents per minute.

Windtre is constantly investing in improving its quality network with the goal of providing customers with an increasingly faster and reliable connection. For this reason and the needs of the market, some of the offers will be modified as follows – thus opening the section increases from January 13th.

Withdrawal without penalties for all: how

As required by law, a customer who does not wish to accept the reconfiguration has Right to withdraw By WindTre Services or by Switch to another launcher No penalties or deactivation costs within 60 days of connecting. Here’s what to do in order to opt out:

  • You must send a communication with the reason for withdrawal”Amendment of contractual terms Through one of the following channels:
    • Registered letter with return receipt to address Wind Tre SpA – CANCELLATION SERVICE – CD MILAN ADDRESS BAGGIO PO Box 159 20152 MILAN MI;
    • certified email to;
    • Call 159
    • at WindTre points of sale;
    • Through Will’s digital assistant in the client area and on the WindTre app
  • If there is an offer on another line that is associated with the mobile phone line, if the latter is deactivated, all possible advantages will be lost;
  • If the contract is linked to the purchase line by installments for a currently valid product (smartphone, tablet, etc.) By placing an explicit order or alternatively keeping the installments active and paying in installments until the natural expiry.

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