WindTre buy used smartphones: iPhone Gold, Galaxy, etc.?

We won’t live up to the reviews Google is giving Americans to buy the Pixel 7 (more than $1,000 for an iPhone), but the effort WindTre Smartphone Exchange Update No matter how wonderful. Stay on iPhones for, because enthusiasm for VIPs melts like snow in the sun when you check out reviews for the Android equivalent. if it was iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GBThis is really true up to 800 eurosa Galaxy Z Fold 3 256GB This price list costs much more (1,849) euros, Poltecwho takes care of the WindTre pull, seems almost not to want it: Up to 456 euros, almost half.

Moreover, compared to, say, Google’s system that offers higher ratings (overseas and on iPhones), WindTre is not subject to a new smartphone purchase. Of course, moving to iPhone 14 or 14 Pro with incentives With a custom discount that can be up to 60 euros, but sole obligation For the evaluation pocket of your smartphone you used Activate a bundle with Easy Pay Or, if you’re already a customer, ask to change the offer to a bundle with Easy Pay.

The road To receive a bank transfer within 30 days equal to the value of the smartphone used, you must go to the WindTre store with the product, send it to the checks for a dedicated diagnostic application and assess whether or not to accept the economic proposal of the smartphone and reload the exchange that arises.

The two companies are to examine“quick and easy”reviews up to 800 euros (fake, 1 TB iPhone 13 Pro Max can be worth up to 844 euros) e More than 200 models of smartphones To be expected to withdraw: It is not hard to believe because the models are many, of all ages and price range, even if some are difficult to understand Like the absence of Google and Pixel. Here are some examples, but you can browse the list via the link atsource.

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