Windows 11 with Floating Bar: Expect (Unwanted) by Satya Nadella

do you want one Floating taskbar on Windows 11? Well soon you can really find it on Microsoft OS, all that is needed is what Satya Nadella demonstrated yesterday on Surface Studio during Ignite Keynote From a simple concept becomes a reality. After all, it might also make sense for Microsoft to adopt some customization on its touchscreen devices, given that in the new (and expensive) Surface Studio 2+, there’s already a possibility in certain contexts to change the size of taskbar icons.

It is not a novelty in the strict sense of the word, because In August, the first signs of change appeared In front with what appeared to be a single test Floating taskbar circularly. “an insect‘,” Microsoft said simply through a tweet posted by Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Program team.There are some similar bugs that change the user interface in different ways. It’s not something we do A/B testing.“.

However, here it is again, this time Shown directly by the CEO Albeit with different changes compared to those experienced last summer. We don’t know yet if this is something that will actually be adopted on Windows 11, in fact there are many functions and changes to the interface that have been developed and then put aside because they are not considered particularly useful. What is certain is that if Satya Nadella is the one showing a computer with this Ads Some doubts are allowed to come.

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