Windows 11 22H2: Microsoft confirms problems copying large files

A few weeks after the release of Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft confirmed another bug in the latest version of the PC operating system with a new post on the company’s official forum dedicated to the tech community. Confirmation came directly from Ned Pyle, lead program manager for the Windows Server division, who noted that the latest version of the operating system posed a performance problem when copying large files from one computer to another, using the SMB protocol, but not only. That being said, there is talk of a performance drop in SMB that can reach up to 40% when copying files weighing several gigabytes. The error in question only affects devices with Windows 11 22H2 and does not exist in previous versions, so if you often use the SMB protocol, it is recommended to postpone the update. It seems to affect the local copy of the files as well, although in this case, the performance hit likely won’t reach the aforementioned peak. Pending the official fix, Microsoft has confirmed that the robocopy or xcopy commands can be used with the /J parameter (eg: robocopy \\ servername \ someshare c: \ somefolder somefile.ned / J). This is a temporary patch that can help restore lost copy performance, but Microsoft is working on a permanent fix in the meantime, so expect a corrective patch in the coming days.

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