WhatsApp, the new Android beta, insists on two-step verification

The beta testing program related to WhatsApp on Android has brought about a new version,, with which some small innovations have been identified. In addition to the improvements under the hood, it has been introduced New section designed for safetywhich reminds us of the importance of two-step verification.

he is called “Protect your account” And as always, the permanent site WABetainfo Posted the first screen where we can see the first taste.

As can be seen from the screenshot above, this new section advises users to enable two-step verification for added security, and also suggests proceeding with the configuration right away or skipping it in case we aren’t interested at the moment. In fact, WhatsApp doesn’t necessarily want to force users to enable two-step verification, but it highly recommends it.

It should be noted that this is not recent in the broad sense of the term, because in fact those who wish to enable two-step verification can already do so by accessing WhatsApp Settings > Accounts > Two-Step Verification.

The Protection of your account section is under development and although it is not known for certain when, sooner or later, it will be included in the public version and activated for all users. Among the latest innovations identified in the previous beta version released on Android, the intention was to enable the inclusion of an explanation Sync even when sharing a video, document, or even a simple GIF. So far, in fact, the accompanying message is only available by sending photos and images.

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