WhatsApp, how much news! Community, larger groups, ‘online’ editing

In the past few hours, several news related to WhatsApp, the Meta instant messaging client, have been announced and discovered: Communities AccessGroups and video chats are more comprehensive, you can change who you see when you’re online and in the iOS beta channel, the ability to edit messages has been discovered for the first time. Here are all the details:

Communities are coming

In progress for some time, forums are a kind of “group chat for groups”, if we want: In one community, it is possible to include several groups, with the aim of simplifying mass communications by officials. A similar feature is available in Slack and Discord, but end-to-end encryption has been added here, among other things.

The limits of video chats and groups are increasing

At the same time, WhatsApp announced an increase in the maximum number of users who can participate in one Group video call, which is now 32and the maximum number of users that can participate in a group, which doubles from 512 to 1024.

Edit who sees if yes online

It’s possible now Change who sees whether you’re online or not. You have to go in the settings to the section the account > Privacy > Last login and online, which is the same page where for some time it was possible to choose who can see the date of the last access. As for the online status, there are only two options: everybody And the Matches to the last login. Last Login offers four options instead: everybodyAnd the no oneAnd the Only my contacts And the Only my contacts except…where exceptions can be specified.

The feature has been rolled out gradually for a few days, but WhatsApp has only made it official in the past few hours, as you can see in the tweet listed above; Which means it will likely be available to anyone within a few days.

Edit messages (BETA IOS)

On iOS, the beta version has been circulating for a few hours, and the folks at WABetaInfo were able to activate the ability to edit messages. Apparently, you just need to long press on the message to be edited to invoke the context menu and choose the relevant command. At this initial stage, only pure text messages – not captions for photos, videos or other files, for example – can be edited and only within 15 minutes of being sent. In the chat, a small “edited” note will appear next to the message.

It’s not entirely clear if the feature is actually rolling out to a limited number of beta testers or if it will roll out in the future. For what it’s worth, we ran a quick test and didn’t get it. However, it’s worth noting that it’s not the first time it’s been caught: it actually happened two months ago on WhatsApp Desktop (always a Beta, of course), and even six months ago on Android.

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