What is a Domain Name? What is a URL?

 For various reasons, in your adventures on the net, you may have come across the term ‘domain’ or ‘domain name’. And if we are still here, what is that URL?

What is a domain name? What is a URL?

Let’s take them in turn.

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique address, easy to remember, used to access a certain website, such as, or

More technically, it is a string of characters that points to an IP address. Because in fact, the address of a website is the IP address (example: . But thanks to a system called DNS (domain name system) , users like you and me can enter the name of a domain in the browser and are routed (sent) directly to the site they want to access. This process is called DNS lookup.

Important: keep in mind that one IP can host several domains and it is a practice often used in shared web hosting.

What are the parts of a domain name?

Domain names are usually split into two or three parts, each separated by a period.

When we read a domain name from right to left, the identifiers of a domain go from general to as specific as possible. To the right of the last point, we find the TLD (Top Level Domain) . Examples: .ro, .com, .net, .design, .shop etc.

TLDs can be categorized as generic or country specific. Example of generic TLD: .com, .org. Example of country-specific TLD: .ro, .es, .uk.

To the left of the TLD, we find the 2LD (second-level domain) . And if there is something else besides 2LD, it is called 3LD. This is because we also have TLDs such as or

If we take as an example: .com is the TLD and google is the 2LD.

If we take as an example: .com is the TLD, .co is the 2LD and google is the 3LD.

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What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain name that is part of another, parent domain name. Usually easy to identify due to the fact that it is separated by a dot, from the main domain and is not specific or at least specific to a TLD usually.

Example: and Or and and are domains. is the subdomain and is a URL and are domains. is the subdomain and is a URL

What is a URL?

The name URL, or link, or web address, comes from the Uniform Resource Locator.

A URL contains both the domain name of the site, as well as the protocol and the path (or path in English) .

For example, in the URL , https is the protocol, is the domain name and /linux-vs-windows/ is the path. All these elements define the unique link of that article.


There is much more to discuss. Such as the DNS system, about HTTP/HTTPS, IPs and servers, etc. We will take them in turn, in future articles.

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