What Are the Most Popular PC Games In 2022


What Are the Most Popular PC Games In 2022

Worldwide, many of you will be surprised what are the most popular online PC games, but when it comes to Romanians’ preferences, the situation changes by 180 degrees, I can say.

The rankings made by different websites are always influential. What is certain is that Steam is the most developed gaming platform in the world and manages to gather most of the gaming productions and I can say 100% with certainty which are the tops on steam. Other websites and blogs around the world include games and games that do not exist on Steam but are extremely popular around the world. One thing is for sure and it shows in most of the charts I’ve visited, Counter Strike is the leader in popularity worldwide. It is far from the headline of all the sites that deal with statistics and surveys.

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TOP 5 most popular steam pc games of 2021:

These are the favorite games in the Romanians’ preferences for 2021. The news comes from Minecraft, which has started to be successful in Romanian gamers as well.

·         Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – see price on steam

·         DOTA 2 – free on steam

·         Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – see price on steam

·         Grand Theft Auto V – see the price for steam PC

·         Minecraft PC

TOP 5 most popular online PC games in the world

Here is a top 5 of the most popular PC games in recent years.


·         League of Legends – Around 27 million players worldwide

·         World of Warcraft – over 10 million players

·         DOTA 2 – obviously 1,291,328 players

·         Counter-Strike : Global Offensive – about 12 million players was the threshold

·         Diablo III – had a record sales of over 12 million games sold

That’s what the charts look like, but as I said above, every company has an interest in promoting their game on different platforms so the results don’t always reflect reality.

I’ve done enough pc gaming configurations on this blog, here they are all for different budgets: HERE


What online games to play?

I can’t answer this question objectively, we each have particularities and preferences.

If you have a favorite game, leave a comment below with that game and why you recommend it to others.

Counter Strike is the winner in most chapters. He managed to break record after record. It remains a remarkable game with Tetris.

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