Wearing the operating system, recovery backups may soon become a reality

It looks like one of Wear OS’s weaknesses may be resolved soon. Apparently Google is preparing to introduce Backup Mechanism, although this novelty has not yet been formalized as it is currently under development. Discovered from the site 9to5Mac Which set its tracks within Google Play Services, thus revealing some details about the future functionality.

According to the information site, Backups on Wear OS will be very similar to those of the Android counterpart On smartphones, that is, it will include application data, device settings, and any saved graphical settings or tablets. The goal is to meaningfully reduce the time to set up a new device when paired with our smartphone.

Currently, pairing with a different phone requires resetting the smartwatch and this includes configuring settings manually, downloading new apps, and configuring squares and numbers to return it to the desired state.

It seems that the backup function in Wear OS will do a lot of setup independently, making the re-pairing process less difficult. The system will also manage data such as Wi-Fi permissions and passwords, while backups will only be created when the watch is connected to a charger and Wi-Fi.

The possibility of this feature coming on Wear OS has been talked about for some time and the last item goes back in chronological order to August, when it was revealed that the functionality will use Google One as a way to save information in the cloud, in a similar way to Android smartphones. On the one hand, we have proprietary solutions, such as Samsung’s solutions for the Galaxy Watch, and on the other hand, there is Google which, although recently introduced the new Pixel Watch, was not able to develop a similar backup system in time to launch together in the smartwatch.

Not bad, because with a little patience it will be available soon and although the exact timing is unknown, 9to5Mac suggests that it may not be long before the functionality arrives on updated watches to Wear OS 3.

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