Waze celebrates the World Cup in Qatar: custom avatars in team colors

The World Cup in Qatar We are almost done, only 10 days left until the kick-off of the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. Between forecasts and statistics at your fingertips, you can’t miss it wizz With customized themed. After all, the now very popular navigation app is accustomed to such festivities – remember the Retro Ghostbusters mode or the Ecto-1? – But in this case too, I have provided some really interesting news that will help us get into the “match atmosphere” and let the community know which team we sympathize with will be

With the latest possible version Customize your avatar and also the Waze icon, so that the renewed style is clearly visible even when we are not using the app. For your alter ego, you will be spoiled for choice, the ability to choose between The colors of 32 national teams are participating in the competition.

  • Activation method: To determine My Waze Inside the app, tap your username, then again the mood And the mood. And that’s not all, because when navigating the maps The pointer can be converted into a soccer ball: In this case the navigation arrow is allocated from My Waze > Settings > Map view > Car icon.

Past gem related The voice of the navigator: Why don’t you have a file Sports commentator Which tells us in which direction to go at the next intersection? Too bad there is no Italian: we will have to accept English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

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