Waymo, San Francisco robotaxis will accept payments soon

Self-driving taxis have already started operating in some major cities, and in many cases are still running in the form of tests but the time has come and driverless taxi rides have become a reality for a growing number of brands, including Waymo, that could expand Soon covered to one of the most important cities in the world. And so, after the first permits to trade, now Work is underway to monetize future races in San Francisco, California.

With regard to this brand, the latest news is related to the State Department responsible for automobiles, which a few days ago approved a modified publication permit which It allows Waymo to charge the general population for completely independent rides on public roads.

The upgrade paves the way for Waymo One, which will allow passengers to be charged for service in San Francisco, just as it does in Phoenix. This will allow the company to perform paid delivery services in the future as well.

So far, Waymo has limited these runs to employees and “trusted testers” who are covered by existing Execution and Testing permissions. The company already got permission to charge for self-driving taxis but with a safety driver on board and is now catching up. The rival company, GM-owned Cruise, already has a license for a commercial driverless service in parts of San Francisco. Albeit with restrictions on times, speed and weather conditions.

Any future Waymo One service in San Francisco will still be relatively modest compared to those already available in China, the most advanced country in this regard. For example, Baidu’s robotics service is available to the public in major Chinese cities, albeit with restrictions specifically for self-driving cars.

However, San Francisco is one of the most important cities in the world and certainly one of the most influential in the United States, and the advent of an autonomous robotic robot can only be an excellent business card.

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