Volkswagen ID. Buzz, the arrival of the GTX version

New Volkswagen ID. Buzz that we’ve already had the chance to try will also be presented in one More “sport” GTX version. After briefly mentioning a few months ago the possibility that this model was also proposed with a more mathematical formula, Volkswagen confirmed The future availability of the GTX version of the identifier. buzz.

The confirmation comes in a presentation leaked online. In fact, the identification is clearly stated in the Volkswagen document. Buzz will be introduced in this sportier version. In addition, the German brand also published an image of the ID’s steering wheel. Share the GTX badge.

There is no timing yet. We will definitely have to wait until 2023, and possibly the end of next year. The creator has not even shared technical information. However, other Volkswagen electric GTX models adopt a Twin motor 220 kW (299 hp) and 460 Nm of torque. It wouldn’t be weird at all, if the id. The Buzz GTX might have this powertrain.

Being a sports version, it is possible that Volkswagen You can also improve the appearance from the identifier. Buzz to make him braver. Since the debut is still a long way off, there will definitely be a way to find out more over the next few months.

Long pitch version

But the identity news. The buzz is not over yet. Volkswagen has indicated that this car will also be offered in one in the future Long wheelbase version Which will be the only one that will be sold in the US market. The interesting thing is that this model will have Four-wheel drive. This means that it will be equipped with a powertrain with two electric motors.

And Volkswagen remembers that one is on the way, too Alternative 7 seats from the identifier. buzz. These innovations are also expected to debut in 2023.


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