Volkswagen ID. Buzz cooperates with the guide even when there are no references

Volkswagen offers two new generation equipment available as options for an electric SUV from the past, the ID. buzz. I travel assistant With the latest concept that integrates its own readings with data on the track of other Volkswagens and Parking assistance system With memory, then with automatic parking.

Volkswagen ID.  Buzz: The road test of the multi electric truck that comes from the past

September 07

Volkswagen ID.  Buzz, prices in Italy start at 66 thousand euros

01 September

in identity. Buzz, distinctive design and innovative technology come together. We are taking another step towards highly automated driving using edge data in the latest travel aid – explains Kai Grunitz, head of Volkswagen Vehicle Development. This is in line with Volkswagen’s commitment to offering outstanding technologies and innovations in as many models as possible.

Travel assistance with swarm data

The travel assistance, in Italian we say travel assistant, it can maintain a distance from the vehicle in front of you and ensure that you proceed at the specified maximum speed. It’s a system Clever, because if he basically keeps the center of the car relative to the edge of the track, he learns from habits on the other hand. So if you understand that the driver is usually closer to the right or left edge, The system will do the same When it is called in question.

then there squadron data, “leaked” (anonymous) data that Volkswagen cars send to servers that have already traveled this route. Identity travel assistance. Buzz (and other models with it) tap into it The amount of “knowledge”, in fact from experienceTo assist the driver even on roads without road markings, such as many roads outside cities.

In addition, when driving on the highway at a speed of more than 90 km / h, Travel Assist can implement i lane changes. When the function is activated, the lane can be changed by touching the direction indicator. Before proceeding, the sensors make sure that there are no objects around the car and that the driver’s hands are holding the steering wheel. at that point Identification card. Buzz automatically directs to the desired laneThis allows the driver to intervene at any time and control the maneuverability.

Park Assist with Memory

The second system is available as an option on the ID. buzz is Park Assist Plus with memory, which can be steered with up to five parking maneuvers provided that they are performed at a maximum of 40 km/h and up to 50 metres. Being a teacher is very simple: you stop the car and then memorize the action. Identification card. can buzz next time Repeat the maneuver in complete independence.

Park Assist Plus can also select a suitable parking spot for the vehicle while driving.

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