Vodafone, end of 2022 bitter for fixed line customers: another increase in December

three Fixed line price increases were already on schedule, at the fourth Here it is presented. Despite being programmed to Dec It is not even said that it is the lastbefore 2022 gives way to 2023. A November For example, the increments will be two In several weeks’ time, so the fact that the announced event will technically begin on December 7th leaves room for another one to be put in between Christmas and New Year’s.

Let’s clear any potential misunderstandings right away: Increases It is neither generalized nor cumulativeSo Those who, for example, were the target of the target captured in September will not receive others and so on. However, unfortunately, Vodafone does not reveal what contracts will be included, each round of price increases only says that “The cost of some landline offerings will go up.” without specially to clarify Which.

Vodafone increase: dates and “pillows”

So to see if a person is regressing and in which increments they are regressing, all that remains is Look carefully at the bills from July on me. Here is a brief outline to illustrate:

  • In July, Vodafone notified the relevant customers of the bill the increase It would be cut in half September
  • In September increase mid-November and late November (15/11 and 28/11)
  • These days, I am informed, again in the invoice to the respective customers, of the increase that has been run on December 7th.

Fortunately, at least, there is no need to go crazy with numbers: exorbitant tax he is Unique For all interested, 1.99 € more per month. And you also have to look carefully at the upcoming fixed line bills: you need to keep your guard up, because Vodafone may also intend to slowly reshape the entire customer base that has connected to you by phone, ADSL or fibre-optic. The justification given by the company, which has been identical for months, is not very interesting:

[…] Some landline offerings will cost €1.99 per month, Allowing us to continue investing in the network to offer our customers the highest quality of our services. Effective September 15, 2022, customers affected by the change will be notified by a personal contact specified on the invoice.

Withdrawal Without Sanctions: Here’s How

Fortunately, there is, by law, the possibility Withdraws Without penalties from the contract it is unilaterally modified. Anyone who does not want to be subject to tax can ‘Tearing’ the contract Without paying anything – except of course the remaining amounts of any installments – o move the number For another player:

Each customer will be sent a message – writing to Vodafone – on the invoice specifying the date they can withdraw, based on their billing cycle, but always with a guarantee Withdrawal period of at least 60 days.

they can Exercising the right of withdrawalat no additional cost other than that which may be related to the method chosen, at, in Vodafone stores, by sending a registered letter with the return receipt to Vodafone Customer Service, PO Box 190-10015 Ivrea (TO), by writing Via PEC to cancel, with a selection causal Withdrawal due to modification of contractual terms.

The Any remaining installments The cost of activation and/or the device(s) associated with this offer will be paid at the same frequency and with the same payment method previously indicated, or alternatively, when notified in the withdrawal request, they may request payment in one solution only.

Iliad recently raised the customs duties for the local line, but it did not affect the contracts that were in force at the date of the increase.

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