Vivo announces the release of Funtouch OS 13: news and when does it start

Vivo also officially announced the release of Europe The new version of the interface Funtouch OS 13 made based on Android 13. Many changes compared to the past in terms of customization capabilities, privacy, security and new control opportunities for a more fluid user experience. “So – writes the company – We are committed to providing customers not only with a more intuitive experience but also to express their creativity and individuality in the best possible way through a smartphone.”


Funtouch OS 13 let’s eat Greater visual control on the home screen. With monochrome icons, you can change the color of the icons by matching them with the background, system, and application interfaces. The new update allows you to color customization Already built-in interface and apps, including notification panels, volume control, calculator, and clock. The system is actually able to intercept the dominant background and theme colors, as required by Google’s Material You, choose the shades that best match, and also transfer them to the application interface.

The new feature of comment Funtouch OS 13 helps keep sensitive data safe, providing greater peace of mind in terms of security and privacy when, for example, someone else is using a smartphone. Function Keeps the selected app in the foreground and closes it, prevent access to other applications installed on the device for those who had the device in their hands at that moment. Also comes the ability to hide photos and videos and precisely manage access to photos by apps.

To deliver a smoother experience, Funtouch OS 13 . introduces iManager, a tool that allows you to monitor the usage time of applications. for example Those that use a lot of CPU can be closed with one touch. iManager can also help prevent the device from overheating by reducing the number of active applications and adjusting the CPU frequency according to the cooling of the smartphone. The weather dashboard contains an AQI value that is useful for those who want to check the information on the air qualityincluding PM 2.5 levels.

Updates also for Photos and video. Funtouch OS 13 downloads files New stabilizing ring This helps mitigate the effects of hand shake and some improvements to the video editing process. With the new update, in fact, you can mute the video while playing Editing And the Adjust the volume precisely from each section of the section. On the one hand AccessibilityThere are improvements for color correction and inverting, as well as the ability to remove animations for users with special needs, such as those with visual impairments.

Roll from the beginning of November

The first product to get Funtouch OS 13 It will be Vivo X80 Pro (here is our review): coming to Early November 2022. Other products covered by the upgrade program will follow suit in the following weeks and months.


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