Vision will star in WandaVision’s episodic Vision Quest

According to what has appeared in the past few hours A new Marvel TV series is in development For Disney + and with great surprise, the focus will be on Vision, played by Paul Bettany, one of the Avengers we’ve already had the chance to know in many films and also in the series WandaVision. It will actually be a kind of episodic, because according to the first details released by Limitwill be reconnected with the most recent events listed in WandaVision.

As we always remember when writing similar news, if you haven’t seen WandaVision or the movie Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessYou better get back on track by watching it. We also advise you to stop reading, as you can run into unwanted spoilers.

The new series It will be called Vision Quest It is in the initial production stages according to Hollywood chief sources, so the release timing and listing time between next Marvel productions are not known parameters. The show will focus on the new version of Vision, after Thanos killed the previous version at the end Avengers: Infinity War. The last time we saw it, in WandaVisionVision was basically devoid of character and in the later stages of the series he ventured to discover himself. According to the first rumors, the series will develop precisely around this, and this is the way to restore his memories and sense of humanity.

Jack Schaeffer, creator, screenwriter, and executive producer for WandaVision will also be at the helm of the Vision Quest, and for those who don’t remember, he’s also overseeing the other tangential aspect in parallel but more progressively, namely Agatha: Pete Harkness, which will follow the character of the name played by Katherine Hahn. Will Wanda also be in the Vision Quest? It is very likely if we take into account the deep connection between the two characters, which persisted beyond the death of the original and was recreated as a ghost in its fictional reality, described in WandaVision. However, there are doubts and as you can imagine they are closely related to the final events of Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnesswhich also cast doubt on the fact that Wanda is still alive.

However, any hypothesis is at the moment pure speculation, so we don’t know that other famous characters from the WandaVision series will also be around and take completely different paths, but it’s really early to make concrete hypotheses. But this project looks very interesting from the start and we will definitely talk about it again in the coming months.

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