Virtual Apps Journey: What to Expect in 2022?


Virtual Apps Journey: What to Expect in 2022?

More possibilities for personalization and improvements in communication are some of the trends for this year


Much is said about the rise of e-commerce during the pandemic and how the virtual environment has been starring in people’s lives since then. However, the relevance of applications in this context is equally important, and sometimes ends up being forgotten. Today, people use their cell phones more than any other device to access the internet, so apps play a key role in this process.


It is evident that having a beautiful, intuitive and functional app is essential these days, being a necessity that goes beyond e-commerce. The objective is always to guarantee the best possible experience for the user, in addition to applying more and more resources that can reduce processes and make its usability even more practical. In the case of shopping apps, for example, stores are increasingly working to reduce the steps to complete an order, seeking to have everything in hand so that the customer can do everything with just one touch on the screen.

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However, the user experience goes beyond being able to buy products quickly. Today, people value much more for the personalization and individualization of these everyday tools, that is, they want to leave everything with their face. As large companies point out, the focus always needs to be on the core needs of users, and innovations must be designed around that.


Another point that has also been worked on is customer service, which is crucial in any business. In addition to offering promotions, loyalty services and several attractive features for its users, communication between customer and company is still something that has been gradually improved. Ensuring that the person can ask questions or cancel an order without much bureaucracy, be answered quickly in an online chat or other resources like that, is important to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.


All of these issues also apply to apps that are outside the e-commerce bubble. The trend is for new tools to be launched, seeking to unify resources and reduce processes, such as an app to pay bills, for example. Imagine how easy it would be to receive basic bills like electricity and gas bills in one place. The virtual journey of applications will move in this direction, seeking to explore new needs by offering more personalized, fluid experiences and with more effective means of communication.

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