Virgin Galactic, I’m still in the red. All hopes for Delta

Virgo Galaxy It recently released its financial results for the third quarter of the year, and the numbers aren’t good. We cannot admit otherwise that the company that aims to bring anyone into space has been discontinued since the middle of 2021. So here is a final balance with a sales volume that does not reach on the one hand a million dollars and on the other hand $146 million.

According to British company Richard Branson’s account, altitude tests will resume in 2023, the same year Colglazier CEO was confident of the hypothesis. Let the first flights take off From those who bought a ticket even ten years ago. The scenario seems optimistic to say the least, and even if the facts are in line with expectations, But the budget green seems out of reach.

This is why we are betting in the future on a spacecraft, Deltaable to travel into space at a faster pace, able to fly Once a week from 2026 (The first test flight will be carried out in 2025.) With more than one Delta in the fleet, 400 flights into orbit annually will guarantee a satisfactory income.

But everything should go smoothlyWith this ambitious goal, It is not clear at all. “They may be able to get the Delta spacecraft on quickly, but they’ll need many other flight tests,” he said. It is an admission from a source familiar with the events of Virgin Galactic. “And the chance that they can make it through the testing schedule without having to stop to troubleshoot is practically none.”

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