Twitter lets you Automatically Archive old Tweets


Twitter is developing a tool that will make it easy for you to automatically archive your old tweets. This way you can prevent your followers from seeing these posts without deleting them.


This function is part of the series of updates cataloged social privacy. Whose purpose is for users to improve the privacy of their accounts and interactions?


In addition, among the changes that are included is not only the ability to hide your publications, but also:

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Hide the accounts you follow or follow you

Hide the tweets you want

And hide your account from third parties (by placing it in private)

Each of these features will be tested as the year progresses. And, depending on the rate of acceptance by users, they will be removing and adding new features.


Now you can archive your Twitter posts 100% automatically

The seductive aspect of this tool is that, once the time you set has elapsed, the tweet will be archived. And no one but you will be able to see it.


To do this, the platform plans to offer you four options:


30 minutes

60 minutes

Several days

1 year

At the moment, this function is in its test period. However, it is expected to be officially launched soon.


On the other hand, one of the advantages of these modifications is that you will have the possibility to remove yourself from a public discussion (even if you are not the creator of the original tweet).


The company also assured that it will create a reminder system to notify users to review their account settings. So you don’t lose the new privacy features.

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