Twitter: Elon Musk grants amnesty to almost all suspended accounts

As was largely expected, the latest poll proposed by Elon Musk has a result largely positive, So Again it is Voice of the People To guide future Twitter policies. For those who missed what we are talking about, we refer to the survey in which Musk asked users if it is right to rehabilitate all accounts previously suspended from the platform, provided that they are not removed for reasons of infraction from the law or to be known as Spammers Full.

They responded to the survey Just over 3 million users, less than 3% of Musk’s total followersand it is not possible to determine the number of these real programs or bots, since the account of the new owner on Twitter is known to have a large number of fake users among its followers.

The letter at the end of the poll announces this The amnesty will take effect from next weekSo from that moment on, many accounts associated with controversial figures that Twitter considered harmful to society in the past will be rehabilitated, and an arrangement to ban them indefinitely.

Musk’s administration’s populist policy to the platform has already been very visible for some time and found one of its high-profile moments in re-accepting Donald Trump. The question has acquired great importance – as in this case – it was Simple survey on the new CEO page To decide the fate of the account of the former President of the United States, when Musk himself assured that no action of this kind would be taken without first going through decision of the council.

Musk then went back on his wordAnd blamed for this decision on alleged breach of agreement updated by political and social activists, From – according to Musk’s remarks that At the moment there is no match – They would promise not to oppose Twitter by implementing mass abandonment campaigns (mainly by advertisers) etc. A breach of this agreement – which, we repeat, has not been confirmed by any co-actor – would have led Musk to decide to scrap the idea of ​​the board and to start these controversial polls.

November 22

At the moment it is not clear how many accounts will be re-enabled from next week and which will be re-enabled, given that the announcement is somewhat vague, but it is certain that with this step, the efforts that Twitter has made in recent years to try to make the discussion on the platform more civil and less dangerous will be undone. In fact, many of the deleted items are linked to the world of conspiracy theories and are important channels for misinformation, as in the case of the infamous Alex Jones, who appears to be one of the most acclaimed former users of the platform by voters.

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