Twitter, Elon Musk Announces Massive Revenue Drop

Elon Musk’s early days at Twitter proved full of news and information: Just this morning we reported a massive wave of layoffs – talking about nearly 4,000 employees who were left at home almost overnight – and nearly a million accounts canceled by users. In the past few hours, Musk has returned to using his “own” platform to announce “Huge drop in trading volume‘, using his own words.

Tesla and SpaceX founder says the fault lies with the gods Activist groups who put pressure on advertisers“Although nothing has changed in terms of moderating the content and we have done everything we can to please the activists.” The tweet ends with a curiosity “They are trying to destroy freedom of speech in America” – curious because it is hard to understand how advertisers can have the power or responsibility to protect freedom of speech in America, but and so on.

the edge He notes that there is some truth in Musk’s statements: many large groups and brands, including Audi and General Motors, have confirmed that they have stopped advertising campaigns on the platform. But it’s hard to understand why: The US newspaper, for example, notes that advertisers generally tend to favor stable and conflict-free platforms, and once he took the helm, Musk began firing most of the top managers, including the ‘CEO; Because of that Head of Marketing, Sarah Personnet has resigned. In addition, as we have said, in the past few hours, another decidedly unpopular decision has come, which is mass layoffs.

Obviously nothing can be given for certain at the moment, but let’s put it this way: this alternative explanation is certainly credible and reasonable. So far, Musk has not provided any evidence To support his accusations, he did not specify in detail what “everything possible” was done to try to please the activists. Musk is known to have held a 45-minute video meeting with representatives of seven non-profit organizations to clarify the rules for moderating hate speech, but no other initiatives have been disclosed.

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