Twitter edits its first tweet. New TikTok-style features are coming

There has always been talk of Twitter preparing to introduce a new edit button to allow users to edit their tweets, but now it looks like the feature may be rolling out to the public very soon. The company is apparently running tests and recently posted its first edited tweet. As seen in the message, we find information about the latest changes made. The text of the tweet also reminds us that the post is for testing purposes and that the company will let us know when the job is available to everyone. hellothis is a test to make sure the edit button is working, it tells you very well how things are going on Twitter Blue (TwitterBlue) September 29, 2022 According to the latest rumors, there will be a time limit to interfere with a tweet before it becomes uneditable, they actually say review can be done Within 30 minutes. It’s also important to note that the editing option will initially be available to subscribers of Twitter Blue, the paid service. It’s difficult at the moment to say if it will be available to regular Twitter users at some point in the future, but we’ll likely know more once the service is up and running. Here is the edited tweet. Applications September 07 But not all, in fact, the company provides new TikTok-style functionality for iOS and Android users. I’ve noticed that Twitter on video content should catch up with other social services, but something seems to be moving in the right direction. In a move aimed at bridging the gap between the features of its service and those of the competition, Twitter announced that it is rolling out a new update that will change the way users enjoy video content. The new video circle is introduced, it can be found on the Explore tab, thanks to which Twitter users will find suggested videos based on the trends and content they like the most. Another important novelty is associated with the circular display, with which it will be possible to expand videos to full screen regardless of whether they are taken horizontally or vertically. You can switch to full screen mode simply by clicking or tapping on a video in the Twitter app. Currently, the circular video is only available to a limited number of overseas users who use Twitter in English on iOS and Android. The functionality will be very reminiscent of TikTok’s visualization function, or Reels of Instagram, so you can swipe up to go to the next contents or simply go back to the original Tweet by clicking the button in the upper left corner, as in the top screenshot. Twitter is still improving the feature and it is very likely that when it is introduced globally it will be more complete or equipped with other features. We just have to wait for more information on this.

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