Twitter between news and a “bug”: a crucial week for Elon Musk’s social network

Twitter Under renovation, Elon Musk is in a hurry coup company to return it profitable. In these early days as an owner, he fired half the staff and created a lot of confusion between blue ticks and dollars(8) to be paid, warning users and investors that the platform seriously risked bankruptcy if it didn’t revolutionize his business in the short term.

If Twitter Blue remains on standby for the time being waiting for its proper performance to be understood, the same cannot be said for other features on the social network. Indeed, in this case it would be more correct to say “not present”, given that From now on, we will no longer know from which device a tweet is being written and posted.

It’s almost a shameBecause in the past there have been funny cases like the one where Samsung was caught tweeting from an iPhone. Examples abound, and yet it is true that this “tool” is now – better, this Information – is no longer useful to anyone except out of curiosity. It was developed to get acquainted From which platform the tweets were postedeither directly from Twitter or from third-party clients, but now it’s just a nuisance and Application slowdown.

yes, SlowerBecause Musk focused on this aspect by specifying it

  • The Microservices bloatware will be stopped. “Less than 20% is actually needed for Twitter to work!
  • In the USA, the Twitter update lasts for 2 seconds (“Very long), in India up to 20 sec.The actually useful data transmitted is sparse

And the formula:Posted by xxxIt’s useless, windswept, and causes more slowdowns.

Let’s go back to the tweet Musk announced Turn off bloatware. Users of social networks have tried to interpret this phrase Crossing it with two other “events”.:

  • Public dismissal (on Twitter) of an employee Who (is) handles Android app development for the social network: The answers given to the question Musk formulated about why the Android app is slow (nor beeps, obviously) should not be appreciated. The bickering continued until the last tweet: “He was expelled“.

Whatever happens in Twitter isn’t good for the platform, a lot The world’s largest advertising company GroupM has warned its clients that purchasing advertising space on the Mask social network should be taken into consideration.High riskSeveral companies have already announced that they have pulled out of the media due to growing concerns about moderation in content.

The Risk That could be due to concerns about management layoffs and improper use of the infamous blue check. To return to considering it as a platform to invest in It is imperative for Twitter to return to investing in security (including workforce), tone down your tweets, be more transparent, and demonstrate a commitment to content moderation.

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