Twitter 2.0: Musk thinks about making everything for a fee

The Twitter revolution is not yet complete, we are only at the beginning of a review process that, according to the will of the new owner, will lead it to be More profitable than in the past. The most important thing is success: the road seems somewhat impenetrable, even if Elon Musk showed security and serenity by spreading the message on the social network “Twitter usage at the highest levelIn short, a A clear call for advertisers to return to investing in the platform.

And to think that in these hectic days it was being thought about Putting the entire social network behind the paywall: a premise born on the weekend made of layoffs, Calling dismissed employees and Elon Musk’s lack of official communications for the (remaining) staff. From what is said internally, workers no longer know who their reference managers are, and managers do not know the members of the teams they manage.

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November 04

Twitter is a mess: Postponing the blue check and pulling some layoffs.  What is happening

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November 07

Two Twitter

Because it seems right now Twitter Seems to be split into twoThere are those who work on Twitter Blue for 20 hours a day, while there are those who wait for someone to tell them what to do. thought on Premium version starting at $8 per month However, there is consensus that the launch was baffling, and a real disaster. So much so that once released it was delayed so as not to interfere with the midterm elections.

Problems may also relate to the number of active subscribers in the current version of Blue: just 100,000, It seems. So who’s willing to spend $8 for a blue check that doesn’t know their purpose yet? And again: which advertising agencies would be willing to invest in a paid platform Advertisement itself will be cut in half? Some estimated that the loss to Blue would be $6 less revenue per user In the United States, a possibility that Musk does not appreciate, and must add to it, according to the current policies of the App Store and Play Store, Not all $8 will go to Twitter’s pockets.

Then the potential vulnerability would be the one in Charges a little, but everyone. It has just been said that it is a kind of paywall, which in one hypothesis studied by Musk and his collaborators can be expected Limited monthly consumption from the platform. If you want to continue browsing social, you need to pay for the subscription.

Twitter, verified accounts for $8 a month: There

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November 02

Twitter bans 1,500 accounts within a few days: a disapproved attack

November 02

Users and Advertisers

But does Twitter really need to make drastic decisions in order to be profitable? According to the new owner, yes, even if – Always according to the ownerThe number of subscribers has been growing sharply since its arrival. In fact, they will touch new things register. There is talk of +20% since the acquisition, and in the US it would be even better. As of the end of the second quarter to date, antiviral management units will be more than 15 million, and the latest financial results report will have 237.8 million active users, an increase of 16.6 percentage points year-over-year.

And if the escape of users is a probable event, yes, but by no means certain, The same cannot be said for advertisers. That this is the fault of these ghosts.”Active groups“This is persuading agencies to flee Twitter or rather the fear that the platform will become an easy ground for insults and hate content (net trolls in recent days) that we can’t know for sure. For advertisers, it’s hard to talk to Twitter as the person responsible – Sarah Personnet – removed, A problem within a problem That Elon Musk is called upon to solve it as quickly as possible.

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