TSMC, crisis bites: orders drop and cut 70% to 3nm wafers | Common

This is not the right time For the smartphone sector, and to tell the truth it’s not for the entire tech sector. From tangible indicators, and therefore real indicators, no rumors, in the past period, many have been ignited in the “dashboard” of producers: few are able to smile in front of a quarter, but few, nevertheless, have nothing good for the near future Market watchers have been documenting the contraction in demand for some time in numbers.

A downturn that would have led the world’s largest chip maker, TSMC, to notify suppliers of significant order cuts. newspaper reports United Daily News, Who would have collected information about a significant reduction in demand – We are talking about 40-50% Among those components that are actually used to make chips commissioned by Apple, AMD, Nvidia, or MediaTek, including chips or machine consumables.

In short, TSMC held out for a while after the arrival of negative signals in the second quarter of 2022 and sensing the short-term trend of the tech industry, tying its belts for The peak of the crisis is expected in the first quarter of 2023. The current situation will also have an impact on the turbulent debut of chips made through a 3nm production process: TSMC previously predicted a pace 44 thousand wafers per monthit is now said that it will be Decreased to 10 thousand a monthwith a decrease exceeding 70%.

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