TSMC announces US ban exemption and Q4 premium

TSMC It got an exception from the US government for a law banning US companies from exporting high-tech products to Chinese companies: The exception has been around for a year, and it’s not the first time it’s been granted — there are already assurances from SK Hynix and Samsung, for example. The ban was introduced by the Biden administration and aims to Protecting US manufacturing capacityAt the same time, protecting the country from potential cybersecurity risks.

Interestingly, although the law specifically targets China, it has extended to Taiwan although its political position has always been the subject of controversy – the Beijing government considers it part of its territory, while Taiwan claims it is independent.. At the moment, it is not clear whether it will be possible to apply for a new exemption once the year is over Or if other scenarios occur.

The argument of the Ministry of Commerce for accepting the TSMC application is the desire for it Avoid creating bottlenecks in the global chip market. We remember that TSMC is one of the largest (if not the largest) foundries in the world, responsible for the production of a large number of highly advanced chips – eg SoCs for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Apple Silicon from Macs and GPU for NVIDIA and AMD video cards.

TSMC, which had previously scaled back its (highly ambitious) growth plans after the new law came into effect (from 40 billion to 44 billion for the full year to 36 billion), announced the exemption at the same time as the financial report was published. The results of the last quarter. In short, it went greatProfits increased from $4.92 billion to $8.83 billion On a year-over-year basis, revenue increased 48% and profits increased 9.4%.

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