‘Translation’ salutes the Chinese: Google shuts down one of the few services still active

Virtual stamps for Google Translate in China. It was one of the few Google services active in China, where almost all activities were eventually shut down in 2010 due to government censorship. Big G Translator debuted in 2017 with the website and smartphone app, but now, as Bloomberg reports, everything has been shut down. The official newspaper collected a statement from a Google representative: “We have blocked translation in China due to low usage by users,” an explanation that is not entirely convincing. The choice may be due to the growing tension between China and the United States and comes at a sensitive moment, namely at the gates of the Chinese Communist Party Congress. It also appears that both Google and Apple are moving production elsewhere. Now, the Google Translate address no longer shows the field where the text to be translated is entered but on a general page that redirects to Google Translate in Hong Kong, but inaccessible in China. Thus, one of the few remaining Google services in the region, disappears for an indefinite period, freeing up space, most likely, for a similar service on which they do not insist on dynamics in which users have no say in their case.

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