Toyota, Over 300 Yaris Hybrid for Police Prison and Proace for Dogs

Toyota Italy has 320 cars delivered The Ministry of Justice is about to renew the fleet of cars Prison Police. I Approx 300 yrs full hybrid that will be delivered to prisons all over Italy, e 20 Bruce Cityduly established by the Focaccia Group of Cervia for the anti-drug activities of canine units.

Most of the cars will have livery and equipment from the prison police, while 20% of the vehicles will be used as a shared vehicle, in “bourgeois” attire but with equipment for use by public authorities. All vehicles were purchased by Consip with a special scheduled maintenance package, to ensure that the high safety standards required for the fleet are maintained over time.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid It has a hybrid powertrain with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine paired with an electric motor from an e-CVT transmission, with a total power of 116 hp and a combined WLTP cycle consumption of 4.3 liters per 100 km, aka 23.3 km / l. If the information on Yaris allows us to track the engine, Bruce City It is available with both diesel (1.5 liters from 100 or 130 hp) and gasoline (1.2 liters from 100 hp), we don’t know which company Consip chose.

We are truly proud of our ability to put all our expertise at the disposal of organizations that deal with the primary task of protecting the safety of citizens – as announced Toyota Motor Italia CEO Luigi Luca. Safety and environmental protection are core values ​​of our company and our Beyond Zero strategy, through which we are committed to making our contribution towards a better society. That is why we are honored to accompany such prestigious institutions as the State Police in their daily work and to be able to put our most advanced solutions at their service.

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