Toyota is building a storage system with hybrid and electric car batteries and fuel cells

Toyota He announced that he made a file New stationary energy storage system Built using batteries from electrified cars. Car manufacturers, as we know, work hard to “second lifeCollectors, in order to extend their useful life after they can no longer be used inside cars. This new collector system developed by the manufacturer is very interesting and differs from other systems in that it allows Using completely different batteries.

Reduce costs

Toyota’s new stationary energy storage system is called “sweep energy storage systemThe Japanese brand says that the demand for storage systems will increase in the future Limited supply of materials For batteries, including cobalt and lithium, it will make reusing electric vehicle batteries important.

Precisely for this reason, Toyota and Jera already in 2018 began discussing the technologies that will be adopted to reuse the accumulators. The result of this work is this new storage system. The solution developed is a technology called “SWEEP”, hence the name of the system, which allows the use of refurbished batteries for vehicles, which Significant differences in performance and capacity.

Duki, it will be possible to use hybrid accumulators, electric cars and fuel cell cars without problems. Everything works thanks to one special program It was developed by Toyota’s R&D department. In short, this software monitors in real time the energy distribution between the different batteries connected in series within the storage system. Therefore, it will be possible to very precisely manage the discharge of batteries by activating or deactivating them. Moreover, it will not be superfluous to use transformers and transducers. In fact, AC power will flow directly from the accumulator.

Thanks to the solution developed by Toyota and Jera, it will be possible to reduce the costs of creating such large stationary energy storage systems. Moreover, it will be possible to extend the useful life of car batteries. Staying on the topic of batteries, Jira explained that he was working on a process with low environmental impact to recycle batteries Ion batteries for electrified vehicles that Toyota intends to use in the future.

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