Top 5 Fashion Game Apps for Android and iOS

Fashion Games

Google Play and App Store displays an abundance of fashion game apps, which implies it must be a profitable business.

In fact, the options are a bit too many and the list is hard to narrow down. The ratings and number of downloads are a good indication of the app’s value, but there are exceptions.

In addition, many new apps with promising game play get ignored by relying on general statistics.

I believe it is a good idea to filter apps by location, as the creators are likely to relate to you better.

For example, when seeking for legal services, we search for ‘law firms near me’, rather than ‘the best law firm in the world’.

Anyway, that is just a personal point of view, and the theory could potentially yield conflicting results. Most of the fashion games are free (with ads) and offer in-app purchases.

Fashion games mainly target the female audience, and the complexity of game play decides the age group it shall appeal to.

Games that offer life-like avatars, high quality graphics, and profound features are likely to attract a mature audience.

On the alternative, simple games with cartoon like animations are better suited for girls aged 12 and below.

The best rated games are the more complex ones, so we can assume that fashion games are much loved by teenagers and young adults.

Here are 5 fashion Games to fulfill the Fantasies of Fashionistas all Around the Globe:

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is hands on the best fashion game app right now. It holds the highest number of downloads and favorable ratings on Google Play, and App Store.

It came out back in 2013, but I have been playing it for almost 2 years. The game has everything for anyone who wishes to indulge in the world of fashion.

The human interface of this game is perfection and the overall game play is highly satisfying. This app features authentic designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories that really exist at famous branded stores/boutiques.

The game often promotes new brands or new collections of existing brands, and offers free diamonds when you purchase an item from these brands in real life. New styling challenges are uploaded daily, which are beautifully composed.

Every challenge has a short story to it, which helps you create a fitting look. You unlock new hairstyles and makeups on every new level. Although you cannot customize the hair and face makeup yourself,

you have enough variety to choose from and options keep growing as you move forward. You need tickets to enter different challenges, which can be earned through voting for other players.

You also get some free tickets and diamonds every day. In-game cash is earned from entering challenges; both cash and diamonds shall be used to buy apparel for your model.

The looks you create shall be judged by fellow ‘Covetors’ and you win prizes when the score is 4 stars and above.

The game suggests you to join a fashion community where you can participate in fashion rallies with other members,

and borrow stuff from each other.

The great thing is that this game has a lot to offer without making any in-app purchases,

and you can earn several extra diamonds daily, via ad watching.

The only downside of the game is that it gradually takes up more and more disk space, and performs slow at times.

Fashion Empire

Fashion Empire is a nice interactive game where your avatar has a story, displays movements/expressions, and goes places. Although the graphics are not that impressive, it is a fun game that shall keep you hooked.

I would say it is more at home for people who are fashion designers at heart, rather than fashion followers. Covet Fashion is a dream for shopaholics who are crazy about the latest trends and hottest brands.

This game is more about expressing your creativity and virtually living your dream to run a personalized fashion business.

Fashion Star Boutique

Fashion Star Boutique is somewhat similar in functionality to Fashion Empire, but it has more to flaunt your creative streak.

While Fashion Empire tries to be more glamorous and focuses on a profound story of the character, this one provides better customization for the clothes you design.

You can choose from a range of prints, patterns, styles, and fabric. This is among the more recent fashion games that have penetrated the market, and thus far from the million downloads milestone.

However, the rating is better than you would expect, and the future of this game looks bright.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Before you start judging me, go and check out the app intro and reviews. I am not a Kardashian fan or a designated legal assistant, so this is not me promoting them.

To be honest, I was not eager about playing this game when a friend recommended it. However, I downloaded it out of curiosity and the outcome was not disappointing.

If you love the Kardashians, you have probably played this already, but if not then give it a chance.

This celebrity fashion themed game is insanely addictive, and puts you in the shoes of a fashion icon.

You may get to live the life of a super model, by booking jobs and acing them.

The score you obtain will determine the elevation of your career; if you do well then you increase your celebrity ranking.

The character customization is amazing and the way the story unfolds is simply entertaining.

Fashion Story

Fashion story is a game more suitable for the younger audience, having a rather cute interface and giving off a cartoon movie vibe.

It is among the best-rated fashion games on all app stores, and one of the most inexpensive and glitch free ones as well.

It lets you be a fashion designer come style icon. The layout is neat and the game receives weekly updates to keep you interested.

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