TIM Power Supreme boosts: up to 150GB for less than 8€ for those targeted

Unfortunately, the activation of the two plans that TIM made more interesting than it was, “pumping” the amount GIGA is available every month. We need a working fuse, a call from someone who offers us portability from one of the operators that TIM wants to steal users from. But it pays to know them in advance, so you can be prepared.

It goes without saying that during the same monthly period, one – Easy – is cheaper than the other for data traffic by 150 GB instead of 100. However, since these plans are not freely activated but are subject to the call of the TIM operator, we must be satisfied with what they offer us . Anyway, whether or not you will receive one of the two suggestions Depends on the current player. If your number is associated with one of these listed, you may be contacted:

PosteMobile (also ESP), Fastweb, CoopVoce (also ESP), Tiscali, 1Mobile, Daily Telecom, Optima Mobile, Plintron Italia Full, Withu (Europe Energy), Green ICN, NV mobile, Intermatica, Enegan, Digi Mobil, PLINK, China Mobile, Wings Mobile, Ovunque, Feder Mobile, Elimobile (Elite Mobile), Italia Power, Spusu, NTmobile, Rabona Mobile (including its second brand), NoiTel, BT Italia FULL MVNO, BT Enia Mobile, Vianova Mobile (You’re welcome fully).

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