Tim Cook Post Honorary Degree “Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Among the Most Promising Technologies”

Today, Tim Cook received an honorary degree in International Innovation and Management. The party started late in the morning at the Aula Magna Storica of the Federico II University of Naples, in Corso Umberto I, 40, and the most curious were able to follow the event live on YouTube. Presenting the motivations and merits behind the awards will be the interventions of Matteo Loreto, President of the Federico II University of Naples, and Adele Caldarelli, Director of the Department of Economics and Management, Federico II Institutions. Laudatio Academica will be held by Luigi Cantone, Professor of Economics and Business Administration at Federico University, which will be followed by Lectio Magistralis by Tim Cook and finally the award of the actual degree. Who knows if Tim Cook will eventually give a speech, perhaps touching on economic or even geopolitical topics related to the difficult war situation. We will find out soon. Appointment later, with the live stream scheduled to begin at 11 (half an hour later than previous indications), which will culminate at 12 with the score awarded. By following the link to continue from Youtube, the honorary degree gala for Tim Cook ended this morning, and the event was also an excellent opportunity for the CEO of Apple to participate in a question-and-answer session with the students in attendance. Speaking about the most interesting technologies in development, Cook noted that the progress made with regard to artificial intelligence is very promising. Dubbed it “horizontal and basic”, it will cover more and more segments and be omnipresent in the future, both in our smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, but also in “many other things” that Apple is working on. Then Cook also spoke about augmented reality, referring to it as one of the most important revolutions in recent decades, as much as the Internet has been since its advent. According to Cook, when it’s part of our 360-degree lives, we might ask ourselves how we’ve done without it in the past, which is probably the same question as smartphones if we think about it. Unfortunately, while he was still talking about augmented reality, the live Q&A session stopped abruptly, so the final part of Cook’s comment on the topic is not public. This is not the first time that Cook has exposed certain employees to augmented reality and to date confirmed that the company is working on several AR/VR products. We also talk about it often on our pages, and the company’s first AR/VR product will likely be a high-end renderer that should be called Reality Pro, which could be announced as early as January. Anyone wishing to review Cook’s coronation and Q&A session can do so from the same link reserved for the live broadcast provided above.

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