Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ The Official Trailer For The Netflix Series Arrives

Take the famous and luxurious Addams family and entrust them to Tim Burton’s mind to create a TV series: do you think they are good conditions for a successful producer? For us they are and Netflix is ​​of the same opinion, this fall releasing a new original production titled Wednesday and dedicated to the mysterious girl with pigtails, a member of the pesky family born from the imagination of cartoonist Charlie Adams.

With Gina Ortega as the main character, the TV series will follow the adventures of young Wednesday Adams as she begins her new life as a high school student, with all the difficulties of bullying and complications caused by her evil mind. Let’s find out more details thanks to the official summary.

Based on the character originally created by Charles Addams, Wednesday is a young adult television series described as an investigative mystery rich with supernatural elements that traces Wednesday Adams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy. She tries to master her budding psychic abilities, confront the brutal killing spree that terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that swept her parents 25 years ago, all while navigating her new and complex relationships in Nevermore.

Netflix released the first trailer featuring Tim Burton’s genius from every frame and outlining a pariah on Wednesday who will inevitably become the target of high school bullying. After the last expulsion, and the reasons are quite clear from what you can see in the first moments of humor, on Wednesday he will arrive at the school that brought his parents together, no more, but even here the situation will become complicated. …and we stop here so as not to reveal too much.

August 31


Gina Ortega will play the title role, she will be joined by Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Adams and Luis Guzman as Gomez Adams. The cast also includes other actors such as Isaac Ordonez as Bogsley’s younger brother, Ricky Lindhome as Dr. Valerie Kinebot, Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin, and Gwendolyn Christie as Larissa Whims.

Finally, there is a welcome surprise Christina Ricci in the cast. His role is very reserved and no details have been shared about him, but Netflix promises that he will be key to the development of the story. We’ve already seen her in the Wednesday role in Addams family 1991 and its sequel, and will also be shown in the Netflix spin-off series. The final qualitative note is the soundtrack, which will be orchestrated by legendary composer Danny Elfman (Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness And the Beetlejuice and many other Hollywood products).

ambiance Wednesday It seems appropriate for the transition season leading up to winter and especially in tune with the Halloween period, but Netflix has limited itself to saying that a release is scheduled for next fall. We are lopsided in referring to the end of October as the publishing period, but we will know for sure in the coming weeks, perhaps on the occasion of the publication of the first official announcement. Now let’s settle on a particularly rich teaser, enjoy it!

Trailer teaser

Update: Official Trailer


Netflix released the trailer for Wednesday, the highly anticipated new TV series born from the mind of visionary Tim Burton, which will be available November 23 in all countries where the service is active. The news comes with confirmation that the director will be in Italy on October 31 to attend the European preview of the first episode of the series, which will be shown at Lucca Comics & Games 2022.

The trailer premiered at New York Comic Con 2022 on Saturday, October 8, during a much-anticipated session with Gina Ortega, Gwendolyn Christie, Luis Guzman, show makers Al Gough and Miles Millar, as well as a surprise guest: acclaimed comedian Fred Armisen, who is joining the cast on Sunday. Wed as Uncle Pfister. We suggest to follow.


Netflix revealed its release date on Wednesday, the highly anticipated new TV series from the mind of dreamy director Tim Burton, who It will be available on November 23 in all countries where the service is active. The poster portraying Gina Ortega in the lead role was also released by Wed Addams.

The actress comments on her version of the famous Adams family character:

“Wednesday is a teen at the moment and we’ve never seen her like this before. Her sarcastic and dismissive comments might not necessarily look pretty when she’s made by a little girl who’s no longer 10. It wasn’t easy. We didn’t want her to be like all the other teens, but we didn’t. We also want her to look oblivious. And we’ve never seen him on screen. In the past, when Wednesday was on the scene, whether it was just for a joke or being targeted as a joke, she always did it subtly and that’s what people love about her. But in this series she is The focus of the event. We have the opportunity to give it more depth and in this way become a more real person, something that has never happened before.”

In conclusion, we remember that the series is an investigative and supernatural mystery that traces Wednesday Adams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy, describing attempts to control her supernatural powers, thwarting a brutal series of murders terrorizing the local community and solving the mystery that has concerned her parents for 25 years.. All while exploring new and complex relationships in Nevermore. More details in the original news, where you can also see the first teaser.

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