The Secrets of Making Money Freelancing

A decade back, it was unimaginable for many to earn substantially without having a full-time job. Many times, a talented woman looking after kids at home or a student trapped in debts would find it impossible to have a continuous cash flow.

Nowadays, the emerging freelancing trend has made it not only possible but a lucrative choice of career. 

Some inherent adventure-loving folks used to moan over the shortage of time for travel with a full-time job. As a day or two is never enough for Earth trotters. Remote work came as a blessing for many.

It helped people in many ways. From providing the ease of work to best-utilizing one’s talents. But before venturing out on this path one needs to make some serious consideration for increasing the earning potential.  

Know thy self

Yes, self-identification is the key. A successful individual is one who recognizes itself. One who is unable to figure it out is bound to commit blunders. Before launching yourself in a freelance career. You need to find out your niche, your particular skill set.

If you are good at writing, don’t head towards graphic designing just because you took classes. Learning a skill doesn’t necessarily signal your mastery over it. It just shows that you tried. Now whether the trial was success or failure. Only you can know it better. Nobody can better judge you except your own self. 

Launch yourself wisely

Make an impressive profile, or if possible a website to introduce yourself. In order to market your products, you first need to market your skills. Outline your strengths, accomplishments and specific skills.

If you had a full-time job that was relevant to what you are advertising then do mention that properly. And always start with affordable rates. Do remember there are many potential freelancers in the market with identical skillset. So demanding skyrocketed rates as a newbie can end your career before it starts. 

Be rightly equipped

The most basic equipment you need is obviously a laptop and a reliable internet connection. Especially if you are traveling you need to have a fast and stable internet connection to execute tasks. But you need things beyond that. It totally depends on your skillset. If you are a photographer selling your photographic skills.

You need to have an ultra-sophisticated camera. If you are a photo editor or web designing expert, you need to have relevant Softwares installed. Likewise for writing you should have Grammarly to check for some silly and careless mistakes. You have to deliver quality products, for that you need the help of technology. 

Keep things legal

You won’t like to face a setback at the end in the form of a non-paying client. Once you find yourself in this trouble a lot of your productive time can be consumed in running after such clients, sending them emails, making calls and so on. This will create stress on your part that will hinder your work progress. 

The best approach to saving trouble is to draft a contract from the beginning. Get it signed from your client, demand upfront and stay safe. Elaborate your scope and timeframe of work. Add the mode and dates for payment. And more importantly, subscribe to an employee monitoring software .

It will substantiate your claims in case of a legal suit against your cheating client. A time tracker is always the best tool to deliver a record of your productivity, invoicing details and time consumed in work. 

You will only make money if you will take precautionary measures to get justly paid.

Be flexible and consistent

Your work interests should be consistent to keep your market demand intact. It shouldn’t happen, one day you were photographers citing your accolades and achievements in photography.

But after a while, you start selling your writing skills. It will raise many eyebrows over your overnight discovered writing talent. 

Flexibility is another key. Always be accommodating to your client’s demands if they don’t fall out of your scope. Unrealistic expectations need not be heard but practical ones ought not to be ignored. Be responsive always. Don’t delay replying to emails or messages for longer.

Your responsive attitude is needed to create the right momentum for your work. Maybe you ignore their conversation but later on, they take a plea on it for not paying you. Money comes with a passion for work and being good at communications. 

Time management is crucial

Freelancing demands creativity, and everyone has a particular high time for being creative. Some feel motivated in mornings while some get their best brainstorming at midnight. You need to identify that and work with that pace. Always manage to get some small breaks in between to refresh. But when you start working, eliminate all the distractions. 

But it’s difficult to manage while in-home or at a public space right? Again, use an efficient time tracking tool for that. It will make you feel monitored like you are in a desk job. And you will concentrate on completing the task within a designated time. Through this software, you can review your progress daily to make room for improvement. 

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