The price of energy is rising. Evway increases shipping rates

Exorbitant energy is pushing many companies that provide freight services to raise their tariffs. Recently, for example, Tesla raised the price of power supplies in Superchargers. Soon, it’s Enel X Way’s turn to review the pay-per-use rates for existing direct shipments. Now, Evway has also announced a tariff adjustment that will take effect from October 10 that relates to pay-per-use costs. Let’s see the details the price hike came via email to users. Dear Driver, as it is now known, the cost of energy has risen beyond levels that companies can no longer contain. At Evway, we have delayed tariff adjustments for as long as possible and have been able to secure our rates for you until today. What is the cost of return shipping from October 10 with Evway? Average AC consumption: €0.69 per kWh (from €0.40 per kWh). Adjusted for DC consumption (including HPC): €0.89 per kWh (from €0.45 per kWh). On the other hand, the rates associated with managing the time of overcharging or during the night remain unchanged. Therefore, for AC recharges, after the first 4 consecutive hours, a time-based rate of €0.05 per minute is added to the pay-as-you-go price. From midnight to 8 am, the time rate does not apply. To recharge points in DC, after the first two consecutive hours, for every hour – or part of an hour – a time rate of €0.10 per minute is added to the pay-as-you-use rate, which is also valid at night. For those who use high-power charging stations on a large scale, Evway offers an HPC SAVE subscription that allows you for 9.90 € per month to refuel from charging points over 100 kW in Italy and Europe, from all operators, at a price of 0.845 € per kWh. On the other hand, for those who recharge, often at IONITY stations, Evway offers the annual “Ionity Europe Easy Travel” and “Ionity Europe Super Save” passes. The first, at a cost of 69 euros, allows you to recharge for a year at a price of 0.59 euros per kWh. The second, on the other hand, costs 199 euros and allows you to supply energy for a year at a price of 0.39 euros per kWh.

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