The outdoor range has been renewed for a second season, Prime Video confirms

Prime Video has officially renewed the mystery series with Josh Brolin, outer range for a second season. Charles Murray (True story, Sons of Anarchy, Luke Cage), who has signed a blanket agreement with Amazon Studios, and will co-star as producer and executive producer for the second season.

Otterring stars Charles Murray, Heather Ray, Josh Brolin, Ziv Borough, Brian Watkins, Tony Krantz and Plan B Entertainment for Amazon Studios as executive producers. Brad Pitt, Didi Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Ernest McNeely are executive producers on behalf of Plan B. Outer Ring designed by Brian Watkins.

Otter Ring tells the story of Royal Abbot (Josh Brolin), a ranch owner fighting for his land and family, and uncovers a mysterious mystery in the heart of the Wyoming wilderness. A thrilling tale with flashes of scathing humor and supernatural secrets, Otter Ring explores our way of dealing with the unknown. At the beginning of the series, we find the Abbot struggling with the disappearance of their son-in-law, Rebecca.

The family’s situation is further exacerbated when the Tillersons (owners of the nearby farm, only out of a desire to make money) try to take over their land. An early death leads to a chain of tense events in the community; The seemingly typical problems of a small town, tied to the land, explode when a mysterious, dark chasm appears in the Abbott’s western pastures. More and more crazy discoveries emerge as the King struggles to protect his family; Through his gaze, we begin to discover how the past hides secrets and foreshadows unsettling mysteries.

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