The new Piaggio Vespa GTS presents: all versions

4 years after the last release, Piaggio Vespa presents the new GTS. The new model has been enriched with electronics and technology to increase comfort and safety. Produced in Italy, already available in dealership ad starting price 5,999 euros for the 125-engined model and 6,999 euros for the 300-unit model.

For the new Vespa GTS, Piaggio was inspired by the “Vespone” lines, the name given to all Vespa models that feature a larger body. as always, the body From the new Vespa GTS Made of steelIt is also a sustainable material because it is 100% recyclable. On this model he makes his first appearance New front suspension. Keeping the traditional single-sided layout, the system has been redesigned in the operating layout to ensure greater stability, especially at higher speeds and to improve comfort and handling thanks to the new suspension calibration.

For this model, Piaggio has also made available a new saddle that offers greater comfort for the rider as well. This new two wheeler bike can be selected in 14 different colors. The new Vespa GTS range consists of 4 different versions: Vespa GTS, Vespa GTS Super, Vespa GTS SuperSport, Vespa GTS SuperTech.

All available in two engines: 14 hp single-cylinder 125 i-get and Engine 300 HP (High Performance Engine) 23.8 HP. Speaking of technology, the keyless system This makes all starting, unlocking the saddle and inserting the steering lock easier, which can be done comfortably with the remote control in your pocket.

In the SuperTech version we find the hardware color TFT display. However, on other devices, new, more complete devices make their appearance, able to exploit the capabilities of the VESPA MIA communication system, standard on SuperTech and SuperSport and available as an accessory on other trim levels. Finally, we remind you that the Vespa has also been offered in a 100% electric version for some time.

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