The new official Apple TV 4K: it has the iPhone 14 chip, which is already in pre-order | the prices

just announced A new generation of Apple TV 4KApple’s most powerful yet. The focal point of the new project is the presence of the A15 Bionic chip, like the iPhone 14: Bringing the best of Apple to the big screen at home, as they say from Cupertino. In fact, it is not only about speed in switching from one streaming service to another, but also and above all ensuring a high level experience. during playing. And in graphics power, the A15 Bionic has a lot to spare.

The new Apple TV 4K is available in . format Two configurations: Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi only 64GB of storage space, e Apple TV 4K with Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet inputThread Mesh network protocol to connect more smart home accessories and double the storage space for apps and games (128 GB).

The arrival of the A15 Bionic chip results in a Calculation speed greater than 50% Compared to the previous generation 30% higher graphics processing capabilities. The new Apple TV 4K now also supports HDR10 + Plus Dolby Vision, which is integrated with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital 7.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1, makes the experience even more immersive. There is, too siri remotely (Now reloading away USB-C!) to increase the convenience of use, with a touch-sensitive clickpad to navigate through the interface quickly, smoothly and accurately.

The all-new Apple TV 4K integrates—and needless to say—with Apple ecosystem servicesthen Music, TV +, Arcade and Fitness +, and they can perform functions smart home centerWith Apple HomeKit, it can connect to compatible smart devices, such as cameras, lights, blinds, and other accessories, set scenes and control home automation functions remotely. Then those with a HomeKit camera can use their Apple TV to turn on the outdoor lights or Check footage from multiple cameras at the same time on TV For a more complete overview.

Article Revolutionizing Home Automation: What

home automation
October 10

Apple talked about issuethe global standard for home automation in which you work with other giants such as Google or Samsung: “Apple TV 4K is also essential to be able to use the new home automation standard Matter, which allows a wide range of accessories to work in unison on multiple platforms to realize the dream of a smart home.”.

TVOS 16, SIRI audio-aware to deliver specific content

Arrival tvOS 16 – Apple repeated that they will come In the fall”And the So by December but likely to arrive by the end of the month – it will bring a ton of news to Apple TV.

siri on Apple TV It will be able to recognize each user’s voice For easy access to movies, shows, music, games and apps e We continue where we left off. So if the user is using Siri Remote to ask for it What can I watch?You will receive personalized advice. Same if you’re wearing AirPods and ask Siri questions.

Also you can continue to use SharePlay During a FaceTime session on iPhone or iPad for Watch a movie or series on Apple TV with other people. With me common operating controls, However, including using Siri Remote, anyone in a SharePlay session can play, pause, or skip forward.

APPLE TV 4K 2022: Availability and Pricing

there The new Apple TV 4K With Siri Remote it will be available at starting prices from 169 euros: Pre-orders start today, Availability set for Friday November 4.

  • Apple TV 4K 2022 Wi-Fi 64GB Only: 169 EUR
  • Apple TK 4K 2022 Wi-Fi + Ethernet 128GB: 189 euros.

The remote control Siri Remote has the same design and functionality as the previous generation and adopts USB-C port for charging. It’s included with the new Apple TV 4K and can be purchased separately for it €69 Starting today, it is compatible with all generations of Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

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