The new BMW X2, spy photos of the electric version

We know that The next generation of the BMW X2 It will be completely different from the current one. Spy photos allowed us to observe the first important differences. Apparently, the new X2 will be introduced in the future as well 100% electric version Which can be called BMW iX2. This model was recently intercepted on the road for classic development tests.

First details

Whether it is an electric car can be understood by some important details. Although the car has a large-scale camouflage, I can be seen classic stickers That determines which electrical models are to be tested. Moreover, the network is closed due to the absence of the internal combustion engine and the absence of visible exhaust pipes.

As for the appearance of this model, there should be no particular differences with the future endothermic version. The SUV should have slightly higher gauges than those of the current generation. But the true modernity will be found at the back, with a roofline that slopes gradually towards the rear to give the car the appearance of an SUV coupe.

The cabin is invisible but it should be very similar to that of the new generation BMW X1. Thus, we will find the BMW curved screen that integrates the instrument cluster and infotainment screens equipped with the iDrive 8 platform.

As for the powertrain, there is still no exact information. However, since the new BMW X2 will be based on the same platform as the new BMW X1, it is likely that the powertrain of the BMW iX2 will be Both are the same BMW iX1. So, let’s talk about a file 230 kW/313 hp twin electric motor Powered by a 64.7 kWh battery. Since the appearance is still some time away, we are talking about the end of next year, there will definitely be a way to find out more details about the development of this new model.

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