The Iliad strengthens the power plan: frequencies are partially turned off at night, and this does not affect users

The Iliad Apply today New Energy Improvement PlanAnd the Volunteer participation It aims to reduce energy consumption and secure supplies, a priority that has turned into a real emergency due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

As announced in recent days by the CEO Benedetto Levia renewed commitment in energy and the environment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 makes communications active in 360 degrees, starting withNetwork infrastructure efficiency until Consumption of consumption in offices and shops and for Raising awareness of all actors involved along the supply chainincluding end users.

Starts from Turn off some frequencies on the mobile network at night, just as it is already happening in France. It’s a process transparent On the part of the user, it includes an estimated reduction of 5-10% of direct energy consumption for each radio site It does not in any way affect the service provided. If needed – read the increase in demand during closing hours – the turned off cells will be automatically reactivated.

Then Eliade confirms how the offer is 100% available. the basic FTTH By law, among solutions to reduce the impact of energy and the environment: the fiber network, says the company, “Consumes four times less energy than copper“Energy saving then inevitably passes from Behavior of employees working in company offices and warehouses: First of all when the stores are closed “The operating times of outdoor and indoor lighting and simbox will be greatly reducedSo, in offices, we will rely on the common sense of employees (turn off the lights when leaving a room, for example) as well as on technological solutions for energy efficiency.

Energy saving (and economy) means Covering the entire supply chainFrom suppliers to end users. In particular, the company stresses the importance of exploiting the iliadbox functionality that allows you to plan WiFi shutdown times in advance. No need to keep running it at night when no one is online, or when you know everyone in the family is away from home: just open the app, set it to close, and you’re done.

We remember the Iliad offers that can be activated with the possibility of passing the number or the new activation:

  • Giga 120: View link
  • Data 300: 300 GB internet + 12 GB data in Europe – View link
  • jig 80: Unlimited calls and messages + 80 GB internet + 7 GB internet in Europe – View link
  • audio only: Unlimited calls and messages + 40MB of data – Offer link
  • Fiber Width 5 Gbit/s: Unlimited Fiber Internet up to 5 GB/sec in total – Offer link

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