The government confirms production duty cuts until December 31. More control over prices

With Dl Aiuti QuaterThe government confirmed what was expected a few days ago, which is Extension of the reduction in production fees until December 31, 2022. Therefore, the “discount” on fuel will continue until the end of the year. There is some news. To continue to propose this measure in the coming months, the Italian government has done so Allocating 1 billion euros Out of a total of 9 were designed to contain the effects of expensive energy.

In addition, always talking about expensive fuel, the government has given a mandate to Benedetto Menu to implement a Accurate and continuous monitoring of fuel price dynamics Sold for pumps, gasoline, diesel, LPG, methane, and the components you specify. Minister of Companies and Industry in Italy, Adolfo UrsoHe commented in this regard:

At this stage characterized by severe tensions in the energy markets, it is in fact necessary to have an updated and defined framework in the context of monitoring the prices of consumer goods and services, carried out by the administrative structures of the Ministry.

Given the important impact on corporate spending, households, and end consumers, enhanced analysis will provide a useful informative input to government decisions.

Remember that on petrol and diesel, the production duty reduction is 25 cents per liter plus VAT. On the other hand, for LPG, the reduction is 8.5 euro cents plus VAT.

How much does it costNow, a tank full of gasoline or diesel? According to the latest Quotidiano Energia survey, The national average price of gasoline In autonomous mode, it is equal to 1722 euros per liter, with different brands ranging from 1717 to 1731 euros per liter (without the logo 1724 euros per liter).

As for diesel Still in autonomous mode, the average price is 1,867 euros per liter, with corporate prices ranging from 1,858 to 1,876 euros per liter (without the logo 1,865 euros per liter). Going into service mode, the average price of gasoline is 1,868 euros per liter, factory prices are between 1,811 and 1,922 euros per liter (without logo 1778 euros per liter). On the other hand, the average price of the diesel offered is 2.010 euros per liter, and the company’s point of sale prices range from 1.947 to 2.069 euros per liter (without logo 1.917 euros per liter).

Alternatively, LPG prices range from 0.776 to 0.791 euros per liter (without logo 0.763 euros per liter). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2,129 and 2,414 euros (without logo 2,131 euros).

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